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good_snicons's Journal

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Good Supernatural Icons
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001. DO NOT click the "join this community" link. If you do, you will not be accepted. This is a closed community. The only way to join is to apply as an icon maker.

002.You may watch the community to snag icons, but if you are not going to post, you do not join.

003. No requests! There are other commuities for that. This is not one of them.

004. Be respectful when taking icons. Rudeness will result to being banned from the community.
001. If you are posting more than 4 icons, put them under a cut.

002. All animated Gifs should always be under a cut.

003. When posting, make sure to leave a teaser of up to 2-4 icons.

004. Normal bases will not be accepted alone. Bases will only be allowed when accompanied by a post containing real icons.

005. No posts specifically set for icon resources such as gradients, textures, brushes, etc. These, again, will only be accepted in they are in a post containing icons.
Make sure you have read all the rules before applying!

001. Put "Hey, assbutt." as your subject line so we know you read these rules.

002. Show us 5-10 examples of your best work! We ask that at least two examples be Supernatural or Spn cast, but any subject is allowed. If you do not have any Spn icons in your application, and none or very few in your icon posts, that will influence our decision. (Stock icons are not encouraged to be used as examples as they are a different beast entirely and without knowing the source image, it can be difficult to judge what and how much has been done to it.)

003. Tell us where you post your icons and leave us a link. This will help us to get a better idea of your overall style.

004. Let us know whether or not you would like constructive criticism. If you do not want concrit, you will get a simple YES or NO from the mods and that will be that. If you forget to tell us whether or not you want concrit, we will assume you don't.

005. Once you post your application, you will need a majority of three mods to be accepted/denied. I.e., two yeses = you're in, two nos = no for now. If you get a yes and a no, you'll have to wait for a third mod to weigh in and cast the deciding vote.

006. If you are not accepted, you are more than welcome to try again after two weeks or whenever you feel ready! There are no limits to how many times you can apply as long as you follow the rules!

007. When you apply again, please link us to your previous application if you can so we can see how you've improved!

008. If you are accepted, congrats! Check your invites page and accept your invitation to the community! You now have posting access and can share your icons.

009. Drama will not be tolerated.

010. Do NOT contact the mods in their personal journals or through PM regarding your application or you may receive an automatic NO. We will make every attempt to get to your applications as soon as we can, so please be patient if you don't get a reply right away.

011. Please disregard the first rule and put "purple nurples" as your subject line so we know you really read all the rules.

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